Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has 7000 undergraduate and Masters students, 700 PhD students, 4500 employees and an annual turnover of €420M. It is the leading Technical University in Scandinavia, is ranked no. 2 in Europe in the field of Science and Technology research, and recently merged with the Risø National Laboratory.

DTU’s newly-established Center for Electron Nanoscopy (DTU Cen) contains two FEI Titan transmission electron microscopes. One of the Titans is equipped with an in situ gas reaction cell, an image aberration corrector, a monochromator, a Tridiem imaging spectrometer and electron tomography. The second Titan is equipped with a probe aberration corrector, a monochromator, a Tridiem imaging spectrometer, electron tomography and off-axis electron holography. DTU Cen also contains two dual-beam focused ion beam electron microscopes, one further transmission electron microscope, two further scanning electron microscopes and ancillary equipment for specimen preparation.

Assistance to users is provided by technical and research support staff who have expertise in characterization techniques that include aberration-corrected imaging, electron tomography, electron holography and instrumentation development for electron microscopy. More advanced capabilities and instrumentation include specimen holders for transmission electron microscopes that allow in situ electrical biasing, laser illumination and laser heating of electron-transparent specimens.

Role of DTU in SILICON-Light

DTU's electron microscopes will primarily contribute to work package 3 by providing high spatial resolution information about silicon layers and solar cells that are fabricated, characterized and tested by the other partners using transmission, scanning and focused ion beam electron microscopy.