ECN conducts extensive research on solar cell module development, wind farm aerodynamics, second generation production of green gas from biomass, and CO2 capture also combined with hydrogen production.

The R&D world of energy technology is a vast one and ECN is proud of its broad range of experts working in this world. When it comes to its large variety of research activities, ECN is an unprecedented institute.

ECN Solar Energy, with its staff of 85 experts, offers high-level expertise in the fields of PV materials, cell processing, cell and module design and manufacturing. Our activities vary from fundamental research addressing crystalline silicon and thin-film technology to high-quality consultancy. Our technology is available for transfer to and implementation in the PV industry. As a fully private, independent organization, ECN can work on a non-disclosure and exclusivity basis. The combination of our skills, experience and facilities makes ECN Solar Energy a perfect partner in joint R&D activities, in fundamental studies as well as in technology development.

Two main areas dominate our present R&D program: crystalline silicon and thin-film PV technologies. The major part of this program is carried out in co-operation with national and international partners.

Role of ECN in SILICON-Light

In the work programme, ECN will be coordinator and the lead participant for WP1 (Consortium management) and WP3 (Silicon layers). ECN will bring in their expertise on PECVD of silicon layers for solar cells and light trapping.