Nanoptics Group

Nanoptics is an innovative specialist optical technologies equipment and process company, founded in 2008 and is working on research and development in the area of the replication of nano- and micro-structures by using a unique type of R2R-beam-curing- procedures on wide web flexible film. Main application is used for mass production of micro and nano structured flexible materials.

The company works also on the development and construction of embossing equipment for these procedures. Nanoptics will finalise now his long-term research project, among others in collaboration with different Universities, R&D institutes and by the alliance of partners and other cooperations.

Nanoptics has access to a unique worldwide Competence Team. This alliance allows, based on a long-term cooperation, a parallel advancement of the production procedures, the product range and the target applications, as well as, the use of results from our basic research.

Specific core strengths in the field of thin-film solar cells:

The new developments and advancements from NANOPTICS are a quantum leap in terms of nano and micro structuring and embossing in mass production. It will allow highly productive and cost effective methods to coat lacquer layers and to emboss on different types of flexible substrates.

In addition, Nanoptics is using a unique manufacturing process for beam curing and out of that; we can uniquely work as well with opaque materials. This is especially effective in the application of thin film solar cells.   This competency creates a huge advantage, because in this application opaque films and also metal foils are used. One of the essential advantages of our technology is the cost-efficient production procedure and the flexibility of the process.

Role of Nanoptics in SILICON-Light
  • Manufacturing of nano-textured masters (clean room development and production);
  • Manufacturing of shim generations and production shims (clean room development and production), different special tools for UV-system required;
  • Nickel multi-image-tool by recombination of single structures;
  • Quality Control of the tools;
  • Roll2Roll-Embossing of the defined structures;
  • Improved pilot production of beam cured nano- and micro-structured films.