Umicore Thin Film Products, Liechtenstein

Umicore Thin Film Products AG, a globally active business unit within the Umicore Group, is one of the leading producers of coating materials for physical vapour deposition (sputtering targets and evaporation materials) with more than 50 years experience in this field.

Its product portfolio covers a wide range of highly effective sputtering targets and evaporation materials for the market segments Displays, Photovoltaics, Optics, Data Storage and Semiconductors. Most of the materials for the different product segments are manufactured at the production site in Balzers, which is also the R&D headquarter of the business unit. There are working around 110 employees in the Balzers facility (Umicore Materials AG), 14 of them are related to sputtering target development.

In the field of Photovoltaics our main focus is on Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO’s) in form of planar and rotary sputtering targets. Our current main products are ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AZO (Aluminum doped Zinc Oxide) in different compositions and geometries. Umicore Thin Film Products is the leader in ITO tube targets. During the last two years we created a Material Competence Centre in Balzers. With the new installed technologies and equipment basis we are able to develop new material solutions in an efficient way - for example new TCO compositions in form of planar and rotary targets. The installed technologies are mainly related to powder metallurgy and ceramic processing. We have also a well equipped analytical department. A newly installed Laser Ablation ICP-MS analytical system will be an important tool for the development of new TCO’s.

Role of Umicore Thin Film Products in Silicon-Light

In the work program, Umicore will be the lead participant for Work Package 4 (TCO layers). Umicore will bring its expertise in TCO sputtering target development and in demonstrating manufacturability of industrial size sputtering targets in form of planars and tubes.

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