VHF Technologies

VHF-Technologies, founded in 2000 as a spin-off of UniNe, is the leading European supplier of flexible thin film silicon modules. It has applied the VHF-PECVD technique to achieve cost effective high-rate deposition of intrinsic amorphous silicon layers and has developed all the processes from plastic foil to certified BIPV products in its roll-to-roll production line. The width of the substrate foil of all front end processes is 500mm. VHF commercializes now under the brand name of FLEXCELL several products targeting the international consumer and the BIPV market. The company is currently finalizing the ramp up of its 25 MW production facility in Yverdon, Switzerland.

For this project, facilities at VHF’s pilot line including active layer roll-to-roll process equipment on 500mm width, cell structuring systems, mechanical testing set-up, reliability testing, and encapsulation systems will be used.

Role of VHF in SILICON-Light

In this project, VHF will be WP leader of WP6, and will be active in the following areas:

  • Development and testing of novel TCO layers;
  • Development of improved efficiency a-Si solar cell processes on nano-textured substrates;
  • Demonstration of roll-to-roll processing of nano-textured substrates in pilot-line and improvement of efficiencies for a-Si :H and uc-Si modules;
  • Demonstration of rotable target coating of novel TCO layers on flexible substrates;
  • Reliability testing of demonstration PV modules produced in roll-to-roll processes;
  • Complete industrial and economic assessment for project results
  • Final user of project technology.